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Panel in Issue Detail

Teamboard ProScheduler panel in the Issue Details screen provide statistics information of the Issue such as total scheduled time, total logged time, remaining time etc.

It also support scheduling task and log time directly on Jira Issue details without going to Scheduling board

TeamBoard Schedule panel in Jira issue

1. Open TeamBoard schedule panel

2. Schedule list

3. Edit schedule

4. Delete schedule

5. Add schedule

6. Fill in name to search member you want to schedule for

7. Submit schedule

Timelog in Issue Detail

Open timelog panel in issue detail by click on Team Board app menu.

In Activity section, Timelogs tab will be enabled

1. Open TeamBoard panel

2. List timelog in TeamBoard panel

3. Timelog details

4. Add timelog

5. Fill in and submit timelog

If you replaced Jira builtin Time tracking provider by ProScheduler then you can log time using the Timelog tab in issue details screen

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