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Teamboard offers a dynamic and customizable report with versatile options. Have the most intuitive view of each individual and group.

Chart Report

This report allows managers to gain an overview of capacity hours, scheduled hours, logged hours, and overtime hours for specific team members or teams. It enables managers to make direct hour comparisons, aiding in informed decision-making for the team.

View type.png


  1. Select the date range

This week/Last week/ This month/ Last month/ Past 30 days/ Custom

  1. View type

You can select the overview type:

  • All: Show all the capacity, scheduled time and logged time bars

  • Capacity vs Scheduled: Show capacity and scheduled time bars

  • Scheduled vs Logged: Show scheduled and logged time bars

Select the view by days, weeks or months

  • Can view reports individually or in groups

    • Click on the x button to remove a member

  • Click the expand button to show options: Member/Groups

When filtering by the member the reports will show Tasks and Time off belonging to those members

Member Report

Managers can access detailed information about each member's capacity, scheduled hours, logged hours, remaining capacity, time off, and overtime.

Member Time off

Team Report

Showing results by groups:

Project Report

In the context of working on a program, the project report provides a list of projects and their associated tasks.

Project Report.png

Task Report

A list of tasks assigned to members in those groups 

Customize fields in reports

Users can now select which data fields to include (Scheduled, Time Remaining, Logged, Effort Remaining, Original Estimate, Notes)

Offering a tailored reporting experience that aligns with specific project requirements or stakeholder needs.

Filter reports by issues.png

Filter reports by issues.

Users can now filter reports with a quick filter or basic filter, making it easier to track, analyze, and address particular aspects of projects or workflows.

This targeted filtering streamlines the reporting process, making it more efficient and effective

Customize fields in reports.png

Provide a multi-level data hierarchy report

Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into data at multiple levels of the organizational hierarchy.

Customize report levels to match specific project requirements.

Provide a multi-level data hierarchy report..png

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