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Teamboard offers a dynamic and customizable report with versatile options. Have the most intuitive view of each individual and group.

Report date range

Select the date range

This week/Last week/ This month/ Last month/ Past 30 days/ Custom


You can select the overview type:

  • All: Show all the capacity, scheduled time and logged time bars

  • Capacity vs Scheduled: Show capacity and scheduled time bars

  • Scheduled vs Logged: Show scheduled and logged time bars

View mode

Select the view by days, weeks or months

Report filters

Filter by members

  • Can view reports individually or in groups

    • Click on x button to remove member

  • Click expand button to show options : Member/Groups

When filtering by member the reports will show Tasks and Time off belong to those members


Time off

Filter by Groups

Showing results by groups:

Members: A list of members with name and their capacity, scheduled time, logged time, remaining and timeoff

Click on Export button to export excel file

Tasks: A list of tasks assigned to members in those groups 

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