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Resource feature demo video

What is Resource

Resources in a project or program context refer to people (such as employees, contractors, or volunteers) and groups (such as departments or teams) who contribute their time, skills, and expertise to help achieve the project or program objectives.

People resources can be assigned specific tasks and roles, and their availability and allocation can impact the overall timeline and budget of the project or program.

Manage Resource in TeamBoard ProScheduler

You can create and manage members and groups in the ProScheduler board. To access Resource from the board go to Resource tab

Manage members

Click Edit button to change members box to edit mode.

Add member to board: Search people by name and click on the result to add

Remove member from board: Move mouse on member name, click Remove to remove the member from the list.

Move member’s position: You can change the order of members in the list by click on the dots icon then drag&drop the card. The arrangement of members in the list will determine the order of members on the scheduling board.

Manage Groups

Groups grid is under Resource tab on the right side

Create a new group: click on “Create a new group” to create, Fill in the group name and add more members to the group.

Edit Group: You can also edit name and remove/add members to the existing groups

There is a convenient way which allows you to drag and drop member from members list to the Group

Resources in Scheduling board

From Schedule view, you can choose to show the resources by Member view or Group view

Member view: show all the person added to the project or program board

Group views: show all the Groups and the members under each group

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