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Schedule View

Resource scheduling board is used to manage the allocation of resources over time. It visualizes the availability and utilization of resources, provides tools to assign tasks to the appropriate resources. It helps to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Access the Schedule tab in the ProScheduler board to view a list of resources and their corresponding task calendars.

Planning tasks

Task Planning demo video

Assigning and planning task

Use Issues box

To assign and plan task for a member: Open the Issues box, find the Issue then drag and drop on member's calendar.

When you want to change assignee of existing task simply drag the card and drop on other member’s calendar.

Planing dialog

There is a direct way to plan task without dragging Issue from Issues box is using the Planning dialog. Click on a date or select a range of dates on the calendar to open Plan Issue dialog. You can plan for an existing issue or create a new Issue and add into the plan.

Updating plan

After planning the task appear on the scheduler at a proper member lane and calendar. The width of the card indicates the start date and end date while the height visualizes the number of hours per day. To update the plan you can visually resize the width, height

  • Move the cursor over the vertical border of the task and resize the card to change the start and end dates.

  • Move the cursor over the bottom border and resize the card to adjust the plan hours per day.

Another way to update plan is to open the Plan dialog from the menu and edit on the dialog

Schedule one issue for multiple Resources

Jira by default doesn’t allow assigning one ticket to multiple assignee, with ProScheduler that’s possible. This feature has limitation and only applied when using app data for the start date and and date.

This feature is only available when the date fields are app data and not mapped with Jira fields. When mapping with Jira fields it must follow Jira’s spec only 1 assignee is allowed

  • Using Planning dialog: When using the planning dialog for a new task or editing an existing task, you can add additional plans and assign them to different assignee

  • Another quicker way is to open the card menu and choose Assign More it will show all assignable users to select

Multi-Card Management

Supports selecting and moving multiple cards on the scheduler.

For Mac: Command + Click to select an additional card and move it.

For Windows: Control + Click to select an additional card and move it

Bulk actions on the scheduler.

Allow users to apply certain actions to multiple tasks at once

  • Change the color of multiple tasks.

  • Assign multiple tasks to a user.

  • Supports unplanning multiple tasks.

Repetitive plan

This feature is only available when the date fields are app data and not mapped with Jira fields. When mapping with Jira fields it must follow Jira’s spec

You can repeat a task multiple times by assigning to the same member with different dates and working hours.

Here is how a repetitive plan appear on the scheduler

Plan Events

In case you want to plan something or tasks but they are not Jira Issues and are not included in the scheduled time you can plan an Event


Search Feature

Search feature demo video

Jump search is a convenient way to search for the tasks which exist on the scheduler.

To search, click on the search box enter the text, it will search against the Issue summary or Issue key.

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