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New features:

Team Board Feature

Introducing the “Team Board” feature: Effortlessly manage team members, schedules, costs, and generate insightful reports.

New Advanced Scheduled Board

Introducing the new Advanced Scheduled Board

  • Better Performance

  • More user-friendly UI


  • Enhanced Timer and Help Box UI for a more intuitive user experience.

  • User names are now included in the exported team reports.

  • Significantly enhanced the loading performance for the Dashboard and TimeLog

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved the issue where submitted timesheets displayed 0 hours for time off.

  • Fixed the display issue with decimal points.

  • Fixed an issue where logged hours were not properly reflected in the report.

  • Fixed the unexpected permission denial dialog that appeared during time logging.

  • Dragging cards on the schedule board caused them to disappear

  • Edited holidays are not updated in the Schedule tab

  • Client Cost is not showing correct information

  • Unable to set up "other allocation" in the Leave Settings

  • Miscalculation of logged hours

  • Fixed various minor UI bug

Help Center

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