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Working Capacity & Holiday Calendar

Demo Video

1. Working Capacity

Working capacity refers to the maximum amount of work that can be performed by a member. Capacity scheme is the working capacity which is applied to one or many members.

To access Capacity settings go to AppsTeamBoard TimePlannerSettingsWorking capacity

Jira admin can update the working capacity. Other members can only view the working capacity.

Edit capacity scheme

  • Go to Working Capacity , click Edit icon to edit the existing working capacity schemes.

Create new capacity scheme

  • Click + New Capacity Scheme button to create new capacity scheme

Assign working capacity scheme to resources

Click on the capacity scheme and check the Resource panel on the right, search for the member and add into the scheme.

Default capacity scheme

Default working capacity scheme will be applied to all resources who are not assigned to any working capacity schemes. There is only one default scheme overall the app, to mark a scheme as default click on the Set as default icon

2. Holiday Calendar

To access Capacity settings go to AppsTeamBoard TimePlanerSettingsHoliday calendars

Jira admin can update the holiday calendar. Other members can only view the holiday calendar.

Edit holiday calendar

Go to Holiday Calendar , click on the calendar you want to edit to expand it then you can add/remove holidays or import from country's public calendar.

Create new holiday calendar

  • If you have members working on different holiday calendar, you can create new one. Click on the New holiday calendar button, enter the name and description and Create

After creating you can edit and add holidays into the calendar

Assign holiday calendar to member

Go to Holiday Calendar, click on the calendar to expand it. On the Resources panel, search for members and add them

Default holiday calendar

Default holiday calendar is applied to all members who are not added into any other calendars

To mark a calendar as default just click on the Set as default icon

3. Holidays and working capacity on Schedule board

  • Holidays appear on scheduling board, you can hover cursor to show the details

  • Capacity is used to calculate the workload, overtime.

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