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Field Mapping

Before you can fully utilize ProScheduler, it's essential to map the Teamboard fields with your table columns. The app supports both main items and subitems. Here's how:

Open Settings:

  • Click on "Open Settings" to access the settings dialog. You can modify these settings later as needed.

The mapping fields setting in the initial wizard

Settings, You can change them whenever you want

Mapped Fields:

  • Scheduled Hours *:

    • Column Type: Numbers

    • Define the allotted number of hours per day for each task.

  • Assignees *:

    • Column Type: People

    • Specify the team members assigned to each task.

  • Timeline *:

    • Column Type: Timeline

    • Set the designated date range for each task.

  • Color:

    • Column Type: Color Picker

    • Assign a color to each task for easy identification.

  • Status:

    • Column Type: Status

    • Track the current status of each task.

👏 If you encounter an empty drop-down box, it means there are no columns with the right type available. To address this, you'll need to visit the main table and create the required field.

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