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Daily Check-ins


A daily check-in, akin to a daily standup meeting, is a brief session conducted by a development team typically at the start of each workday. During this meeting, team members share updates on their progress since the last check-in, discuss any challenges they're encountering, and outline their plans for the day ahead.

Similar to the standup, the check-in is concise, usually lasting between 10 to 15 minutes, aiming to maintain focus and alignment among team members. The term "check-in" signifies the intention to ensure everyone is on the same page and ready to tackle the day's tasks collaboratively. Daily check-ins play a crucial role in fostering communication, adaptability, and productivity within Agile teams.

🎯 Purpose of Daily Check-in

The daily check-in serves several key purposes, enhancing communication, collaboration, and team cohesion within the development team:

  • Progress Update 📊 Team members provide brief updates on their accomplishments since the last check-in, their planned activities for the day, and any roadblocks they may encounter. This ensures that everyone is aware of project progress and potential challenges.

  • Alignment 🤝 Daily check-ins help ensure that team members are aligned with project goals and priorities. By sharing updates and challenges, the team can synchronize their efforts to maintain project momentum and meet objectives effectively.

  • Support and Collaboration 💼 The daily check-in provides an opportunity for team members to offer support, share knowledge, and collaborate on solving issues or overcoming obstacles. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of unity and collective problem-solving within the team.

Daily check-ins promote transparency, adaptability, and accountability within the development team. By facilitating regular communication and coordination, these meetings enable teams to work cohesively towards delivering high-quality results on schedule.

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