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403 after logout of Jira

We are sorry for this issue and inconvenience you may had. We appreciate your understanding and hope that you’ll continue supporting our work to make this plugin better.


Jira responses 403 after logging out and can't not login again.

Affected version: Story Mapping Board for Jira Server 1.1.0


Auth configuration was wrong for version 1.1.0 and has been fixed from 1.1.1 version

How to fix

If you haven’t logged out of Jira, just upgrade the plugin to the new version.

If you already logged out of JIra and get 403 even on the login page please follow bellowing steps to fix it

  • Stop jira

  • Start Jira and temporarily disable the plugin

./ --disable-addons=com.devsamurai.plugin.jira.story-mapping
  • Login to Jira and upgrade Story Mapping Board for Jira to latest version.

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