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Cloud 1.3.53-AC

New features

  • Refactor task rank

  • Refactor subtask rank

  • Support editing story map properties from the issue panel directly for subtasks

  • Edit color in the issue panel

  • Add document link into goal setting

  • Prevent back page/next page by touchpad while using story mapping board

  • Search assignee users while using the search panel filter


  • Check goal mapping status after loading the app

  • Show a message when creating a goal, and the new goal is hidden by Persona Setting

  • Extend the maximum total of issues in the issue search box (from 200 to 400)

Bug fixes

  • Share-board: Missing search functionality when changing to horizontal mode

  • Hide the completed card in the issue search panel

  • The rank of epic changes after editing the epic via Jira issue dialog

  • Auto-scheduling: Epic doesn’t auto-update on the roadmap (goal/epic/story/subtask mode)

  • Can’t update sprint in horizontal mode

  • UI broke when the swimlane has many statuses

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