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How does our application process and store data?

Data Processing and Deletion:

Our applications only process data when users interact with them. Even after uninstallation, data persists until periodic maintenance, at which point it is securely deleted.

End-User Data Processing/Storage:

  • We exclusively store data generated by user interactions with our applications.

  • The data resides on our cloud-native infrastructure, utilizing Google Cloud and AWS services

Data Handling with Jira Integration:

  • Our app interacts with Jira via REST API; we don't collect or store Jira data.

  • User-generated data (e.g., app settings, preferences) is stored in our Google Cloud Database.

  • Data retention after uninstallation is 90 days.

  • Regular penetration tests are conducted, and our apps are "Cloud Fortified," monitored, and audited by Atlassian.

Security Measures for User-Generated Data:

  • No personal or sensitive data is stored, hence no encryption is applied.

  • Daily automatic backups of user-generated data are implemented.

GDPR Compliance and Security Measures?

  • GDPR is not applicable as we don't store personal data.

  • SOC2 Type II compliance ensures robust security and data processing standards.

Additional Assurance and Reporting:

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