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Jira Cloud Migration Plan

Migrate from server to cloud

Atlassian provides the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to help Jira users assess and migrate from an on-premise Jira instance (Server or Data Center) to Jira Cloud.

We are working with Atlassian to support migrate easily Story Map data in the JCMA migrating process with your other apps.

Migration plan

Server/DC vs Cloud - Product Comparison

Both editions use very similar designs and share the same front-end code.

There are a few diffrences in storage location (include goal and persona) due to the absolutely different architecture between Server and Cloud.


According to our research, Jira Migration dose not migrate all data from server because there are some performance related issues which may make migration process takes too long time.

Data will be migrated

  1. All data of Goal/Persona

  2. Goal link: Link epic to goal

  3. Persona link: Link issue to persona

  4. Roadmap data: Start date/Due date issue

  5. Quick filter (TBD)

Data won’t be migrated

  1. Ranks system: There are 3 ranks issue be used in Story Map plugin for 3 swimlanes type (Sprint/Release/No swimlane). Of which Sprint swimlane use Jira rank and It will be synced with other Jira fields. The remaining 2 ranks will be initialized when use Story Map at the first time.

  2. Issue colors, enable fill epic colors

  3. Board setting: on/off sprint/no swimlane, maximum stories.

  4. User setting: current swimlane, use epic color, expand/collapse swimlane/goal/task, hide/show goals

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