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A roadmap milestone is a date signaling an event or deadline that the product manager wants the team to be aware of. These milestones might relate directly to the product's progress—such as a release date. They might also represent a date that the team needs to keep in mind as they work on the product.

Milestones are located at the top of the roadmap.


There are two ways to create a Milestone:

  • Click on the green diamond shape that appears when you hover your mouse on the Milestones row.

  • Click on the + button on the Milestones row

Once clicked, an editor dialogue is opened to create a new milestone. Now, add details for creating a new milestone. Details required are:

  1. Milestone name

  2. Start date

  3. End date

  4. Milestone color

After the creation, Milestones can be moved backward or forward to the intended dates by drag and drop action.

An end date for a milestone is optional.

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