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Release 6.2.0

New features

  • Issues dependencies on Roadmap: Connect roadmap bars to maintain dependencies between issues

  • Milestone marker for roadmap view


  • Re-use Jira rank: setting to use Jira board rank or maintain rank separately

Go to SettingsAdmin settingsField

  • Global persona scope: global persona is visible and can be used through out projects


  • Roadmap time control

  • Create sprint/release in horizontal view

  • Option to expand/collapse all swimlanes in user story map

  • Option to expand/collapse all hierrachy in roadmap

  • Option to select/deselect all Goals in Goal filter

  • Un-map epic, un-map stories

Bug fixes

  • App crash when creating Goal without selecting project

  • Cannot select menu item if the card is at the bottom

  • Cannot switch between preset/manual when using goal picker color

  • Wrong priority schema

  • Story color is not saved in roadmap mode

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