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Release 7.6.0

New features

  • Default Goal color setting: the default color when creating a new Goal

  • Default Epic color setting: the default color when creating a new Epic

  • Option move all issue to another sprint when deleting a sprint

  • Show persona dialog when clicking on Persona in Goal page

  • Show story points in Roadmap issue list

Bug fixes

  • Persona filter was not persisted

  • Cannot create new sprint in Roadmap

  • Add white color to the list and improve the dialog

  • Calendar dialog automatically appears when selecting Complete option on a sprint

  • Team-managed project can’t be applied to story point

  • Value of story point that can’t be updated immediately on epic card

  • Missing story point on Goal dialog/ page.

  • Total story point of Goal doesn’t include story point of epic card

  • Epic card misses color at left-border on Goal page

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