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The newly loaded page after clicking on the Roadmap button from your board or project should like the below image:

  1. Board Menu:
    Access to this menu to configure your Roadmap

  2. Display Mode:
    View the roadmap with the milestones archived as per the Release/Sprint or Goal/Epic/Story/Subtask

  3. Milestones:
    A roadmap milestone is a date signaling an event or deadline that the product manager wants the team to be aware of. These milestones might relate directly to the product's progress—such as a release date. They might also represent a date the team needs to remember as they work on the product.

  4. Goal/Epic/Story:
    Goal/Epic/Story of your Story Map will be shown in this column by Releases/Sprints or task hierarchies. Click on the issue keys to view their details. Users can plan tasks directly on the roadmap.

  5. Dependencies:
    A dependency is anything a product, part of a product, project, user, partner, or staff member relies on. Dependencies allow you to link your items by date and visualize that connection on your roadmaps.

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