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We are excited to inform you of the updated UI-UX 1.0.21-AC, available in AgileTest!

Ascendant & Descendant sorting

Ascendant & Descendant Sorting


Arrange your issue key, summaries, and titles in ascending and descending alphabetically.

This feature ensures that your test data is always accessible in a manner that suits your requirements.


Reordering column positions


Reorder Columns



Tailor your workspace to precisely align with your project's demands, ensuring that critical information is exactly where you need it.




Manage columns (show, hide, resize)

Show columns


Column Management empowers you to show, hide, or resize columns effortlessly, granting you complete control over your data view.


Hide Columns













3-level-density adjustment




Adjust the display density to match your preference, whether you prefer a spacious or compact layout.








Filter your data to focus on what's most relevant to your project, making data retrieval more efficient.





Fullscreen Mode


Offer a distraction-free environment, perfect for in-depth analysis.









Please feel free to bring up any issues or suggestions that you may have via the support portal.

Your feedback is valuable and appreciated !

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