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We are excited to inform the new release of version 1.0.22-AC

Public APIs Exposure

AgileTest now offers public APIs, allowing seamless integration with other tools and systems for creating milestones, preconditions, test cases, test environments,test executions, test plans, and test steps. This enhances automation and efficiency in your testing workflow.

Drag-Drop Functionality: Preconditions + Test Case

Easily organize and prioritize preconditions with a drag-and-drop feature, ensuring a logical sequence in your testing process.

Improved Test Session & Test Script UI

The user interface for Test Sessions and Test Scripts has been revamped for easier navigation, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Sort Milestone

Organize and track milestones effortlessly to align with your project's timeline
and priorities, keeping your team focused on key objectives.

Clone Test Case with Test Steps

Quickly duplicate test cases, retaining all steps and settings for efficient and consistent test execution,
especially in complex testing scenarios.


  • Company-Managed Projects - Manual Mapping Support: You can now manually configure issue types mapping for both
    Team-managed and Company-managed projects,
    offering flexibility in issue tracking.

  • Minor bug fixes


Please feel free to bring up any issues or suggestions that you may have via the support portal.

Your feedback is valuable and appreciated !

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