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We are excited to announce the new release of version 1.0.24-AC

New features


Bug fixes

New features

Importing external test cases with our CSVs template

1. Importing.png

Importing external test cases with our CSVs template. For optimal outcomes, it is crucial to ensure that all custom test step fields are formatted correctly and contain accurate values specific to your instance.

Exporting chosen test cases into CSV files

2. Exportingh.png

Added Test Step Status

3. Capture Test Result.png

Test Run Status is based on a calculated mapping between the overall test status and the status reported for each individual test step. This feature is managed via running test cases within Test Executions feature. 

‘Assignee’ can be enabled by default in Test Step Custom Field

4. Custom Step Field.png

Assignee” can be enabled to be included in test step board.

Support Hot Keys in Test Executions

5. Hot Keys.png

Users can toggle between each test case within Test Execution feature. 

Link defects from other projects

8. Internal Defect.png

Users can import other projects' defects as long as they are from the same instance.

Bug fixes

UI-UX Improvements

Test Execution Comment

7. Comment.png

We fixed some bugs related to making comments during test executions smoothly for better clarity and communication.

Saved State Reloading

9. Saved State.jpg

Now, when you reload the site, it will automatically retain your position on the main feature page and preserve your UI preferences, all without the need for additional steps.

Milestone, Sprint Filtering 

10. Milestone Filtering.jpg

Milestone and sprints can be filtered to enhance the efficiency of data retrieval, ensuring you have quick access to the insights that matter most.

App crashes when changing the defect link type

Minor Bug Fixes


Please feel free to bring up any issues or suggestions that you may have via the support portal.

Your feedback is valuable and appreciated !

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