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Manage Test Step Statuses

Table of contents:

1. Create and Modify Custom Status

Besides Native Test Step Status ('To Do', ‘Pass’, ‘Fail’), Jira Admins can manage and create additional ones on the Test Step Statuses administration page. These statuses can only be applies to Test Execution overall results. Each status can have a Name, Description, Map Status and have a specific Status Color.

Modifying or deleting Native Test Step statuses is not allowed

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You can create new Test Step statuses and modify existing custom ones (except Native Test Steps).

To create a new custom test step status, choose + Test Step Status (top-right corner), it will display a form:

  • Name: The custom field's title

  • Description: the custom status' description

  • Status Color: custom color of the status

  • Map Status: the steps running status, mapped to the Test Execution status

2. Delete Custom Status

Custom statuses can also be deleted from Jira. To delete an existing custom status press the delete button, under the Actions column.



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