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Milestones are all specific points along a project timeline. These points may signal anchors such as a project start and end date.

To manage your Milestones, select Milestones menu item.

The page shows all active and completed Milestones

Create a new milestone

NOTE : Only Project Administrators can create, edit and delete Milestones.

You can create a new milestone by clicking on the + Milestone button on the top right corner

Fill in all mandatory fields and necessary information, then click on Submit button to save

Sprint & Release are associated with the Jira Project Sprint & Release

Start & Complete a Milestone

To start a specific milestone, simply click on the Start button on the right side once it is ready for execution

When you plan to complete a started milestone, click on Complete button

Edit & Delete a milestone

You can edit or delete a milestone by clicking on appropriate buttons

Milestone Details

From the milestone list, click on a milestone name to navigate to that milestone details

In the milestone details, you can find Run & Session results, its info and activities.

You are also able to create new Sub milestones, Test Runs and Test Sessions by clicking on + button next to them

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