AgileTest is a comprehensive, full-featured test management solution for Jira, it supports all possible testing management strategies and more.

Test Scripts

  • Tired of messing around with spreadsheets or old-school test case management and want to spend more time on actually testing? Test Script is designed for you. Write more comprehensive test scripts and checklists with a robust editor. Immediately execute and record the outcomes.

Test Sessions

  • Enhance your development lifecycle with more robust exploratory testing, session management and note taking capabilities, enabling you and your team to more efficiently manage test sessions and ad-hoc tests for more rapid release cycles and smoother continuous delivery.

Test case management

  • Enhance your testing strategy with full test case management, including Test Case, Test PreCondition, Test Suite, Test Steps, Test Plan, Test Run and comprehensive reports.


  • Open APIs and CLI features to support automated Test, BDD, integration with CI/CD pipelines, DevOps tools and other related elements to maximize efficiency and performance.