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AssetIT 1.4.3-AC

New Features:

  • Dutch Language Support:

AssetIT now supports Dutch, making it user-friendly for Dutch-speaking users.

Dutch Language Support.png
  • Custom Field Visibility:

In Asset Detail, you can choose to show or hide custom fields for a clearer view.

Custom Field Visibility.png
  • Access Permission for the "People" Page:

Control who can access the "People" tab with new permission settings.

Access Permission for the _People_ Tab.png
  • Inventory-Based Report Building:

The Report Builder can now create reports based on specific inventory conditions, enhancing report accuracy.

Inventory-Based Report Building.png


  • Data Filter and Search in the "People" Page: Now you can filter users for ‘All Users’, 'Atlassian Users' or 'Customers' and search them by name or ID to manage user information more easily.

Filter users for ‘All Users’, 'Atlassian Users' or 'Customers'

Search users by name or ID

  • Custom Field Restructuring: The list of field types has been reorganized to feature 'User Picker' and 'Date Picker' as distinct, standalone options.

New Custom Field Types.png

The 'User Picker' enables a direct search function for Jira users, and the 'Date Picker' facilitates easy date selection.

  • License Exporting Update: Now, when users export license information, it will also include details about which asset each license is assigned to.

Asset Assigned.jpg

Bug Fixes:

Various bugs have been identified and fixed, improving overall stability and performance.

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