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Manage Asset Maintenance

AssetIT's asset maintenance feature is designed to help administrators and authorized users effectively manage and track the maintenance of Jira assets, streamlining asset management for Jira.

The Asset Maintenance List

Navigate to the Asset Maintenance tab: You can view detailed data of all assets currently under maintenance. Additionally, you will be able to Create New (1), Search (2), or Filter (3) maintaining assets.

Asset Maintenance.jpg

Adding an Asset to the Maintenance List

  • Select an Asset: Navigate to your asset list, and click on the desired asset to view its details.

  • Open Maintenance Tab: In the asset's detail view, switch to the "Asset Maintenance" tab and choose “Add maintenance”.

  • Fill in Information: Enter all required maintenance details in the provided fields.

  • Submit: Confirm the information and click "Submit" to add the asset to the Maintenance List.

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