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View Asset Details

To access the details of any resource in AssetIT, simply click on its name. This action will provide you with comprehensive information about the selected resource.


The Details page enables you to access various sections including Info, Assets, Asset Maintenance, Accessories, Licenses, Components, Booking, Gallery, and History.

  • Info: This tab provides comprehensive details about the item. You can customize the displayed data fields by toggling the "Filter" icon to show or hide specific information.

  • Assets: This tab displays additional assets assigned to this category.

  • Asset Maintenance: Here, you can track the maintenance history of the asset.

  • Accessories: This tab lists accessories currently associated with the selected asset.

  • Licenses: Provides information on licenses linked to the asset.

  • Components: Displays components that have been assigned to the asset.

  • Booking: Navigate to the booking form to reserve the asset.

  • Gallery: View or add illustrations of the asset. Please adhere to the limit of 6 images per asset, with a maximum upload size of 2MB per image.

  • History: Logs all actions taken regarding this asset.

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