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Board View

The Whiteboard application is designed to enhance collaborative efforts by allowing users to interact directly on a digital canvas. It is equipped with a range of tools that support various forms of visual communication and organization. Here's an overview of its core functionalities and features:

Core Functionality

The app's primary function revolves around its interactive canvas, which supports:

  • Shapes: Enables users to draw various geometric forms.

  • Sticky Notes: Allows for the placement of note elements for text-based information.

  • Arrows: Useful for indicating direction or pointing out specific elements.

  • Text: Users can add textual information directly onto the canvas.

  • Image Elements: Supports the incorporation of images into the canvas layout.

These features are made available across all canvas types, ensuring a consistent user experience.


The application comprises two main layers:

  • Canvas Layer: This is the interactive surface where elements are rendered and can be manipulated (moved, resized, etc.).

  • Menu UI Layer: This layer hosts the menu, which is rendered by the application to allow users to adjust the state and settings of the canvas and its elements.

Supported Canvas Types

The Board View accommodates two types of canvases:

  • Whiteboard: An infinitely expandable canvas, offering vast space for creativity and organization.

  • Leanboard: A more structured canvas confined to a table format with multiple cells, where the table size can be adjusted through interactions with these cells.

Modes of Operation

The Whiteboard app includes various modes to cater to different user needs, accessible through the context menu or shortcuts:

  • Grid Mode: With this mode activated, all element interactions (moving, resizing, creating, etc.) will align with the nearest grid box. This can be temporarily disabled by holding CMD/Ctrl while performing the action.

  • Snap to Object Mode: When this mode is on, elements will automatically align with nearby elements to maintain a neat arrangement. The specific button to temporarily activate this mode is not mentioned, but it implies the use of a modifier key.

  • Zen Mode: This mode simplifies the view by hiding reminders, hints, and other potentially distracting elements, focusing the user's attention on the canvas.

  • View Mode: This disables interaction with elements and canvas modifications, except for moving the canvas around, thus serving as a non-interactive viewing mode.

These functionalities and modes are designed to make the Whiteboard app a versatile tool for teams to collaborate visually, whether for brainstorming, planning, or presenting ideas in a dynamic and interactive environment.

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