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How to resolve the unavailable board issue for existing projects

The Sprint Kanban feature only supports Jira Scrum projects

In order to use the Sprint Kanban feature, your boards or Jira projects need to use the Scrum template and be set up for Sprint planning. 

Once done, all you have to do is go to the Routemap app, choose Sprint Kanban, and you will see all the product sprints from all your Jira projects gathered and visualized on a Kanban board.

If your project is a TEAM-MANAGED Kanban

To work around this issue, you have to go to the Project settings first.

Then, you can locate the Features tab on the left column, find the settings for Backlogs and Sprint, and then turn them on.

Now, you can go back to the Routemap’s Sprint Kanban, and your project should be added to a new sprint column accordingly. All you have to do is to add tasks to that sprint or create more sprints to plan.

If your project is a COMPANY-MANAGED Kanban

For a company-managed project using the Kanban template, it is a bit trickier.

That is because Jira itself DOES NOT support Scrum or sprint planning in their company-managed projects using the Kanban template. To solve this issue, you will have to create a new board using Scrum from your existing Kanban project.

First, you will need to go to that project board, then click on the board name with the dropdown icon. From here, you can select Create board and choose to create a Scrum board. 

Next, you will see there are 3 options for you to decide which data to use for this new board. We recommend choosing the second option which will create a new Scrum board based on your existing project.

Now, all you have to do is decide on this board’s name and choose which projects are included in this board.

Once done, you can go on and click Create board.

You can go back to Routemap, and this new board sprint column will be automatically visualized in the Sprint Kanban.

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