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Poker decks

By default you can use Fibonacci numbers to estimate and write the estimation point to story points fields. From version 1.1.4-AC the app supports other poker deck types such as T-shirt deck and custom deck.

👕 T-shirt size deck

There is a default T-shirt sizes mapped with Fibonacci numbers for you to use. Jira system admin can edit the default mapping in the app configuration. Go to Apps AgileBox and find T-shirt deck under the App Settings:

You now can edit the value of any card of this set of decks or add more card by clicking on the plus ➕ icon at the bottom of the list:

Then input the label and the story point for the new card:

✳️ Notice that both the label and the point must be unique among all the cards in the list.

After modifying, admin can click on Save Changes button to update the set of T-shirt decks.

The Get Default button is used in case the admin want to get the default cards.

🔧 Custom deck

Custom deck is the most flexible way to define your own set of poker decks. Custom deck can be re-used when creating a new Planning Poker game.

Go to Apps AgileBoxApp SettingsCustom decks to view the list of all custom set of decks.

Click on the ➕ Add a new set from the top right corner of the screen to create a new one.

Enter name, description and define you deck with the pair of label and associated number value. Make sure the label and the card value must be unique.

You can edit or remove the cards from the table. You also can drag/drop the row to arrange the order of the cards:

👍 Use the custom decks in Planning Poker games

After creating the new sets of custom decks or modifying the T-shirt decks, you can apply them to the Planning Poker game when creating as below:

And the cards in the game that you can pick when estimating issues look like this:

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