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Quick Agile Planning Poker is a tool for Agile team to estimate user stories instantly without leaving Jira. The tool is designed with the mindset of simple and straight forward usage. It is best to map, refine and plan the user stories after estimating using Agile User Story Map & Roadmap for Jira


Quick Agile Planning Poker associates with each Jira project, just access it form the project sidebar

Backlog tab

The backlog tab has 3 columns

  • Backlog: All the stories in your backlog
  • Pending: You can drag and drop stories from Backlog to this column to start estimating
  • Estimated: Estimated stories will be moved to this column by the tool, you can't move stories into this column


Click on the Estimate button to start estimating

Select the story to estimate in List Issues box and click Start button, the timer will count down, you and your team mates have 10s to pick a story point.

You and you team can discuss in the Live Chat box

When time is up, a dialog shows the story point from all team members and you can decide to submit 1 to the story

Estimated stories will be shown in the Estimated column, you can create a Sprint

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