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User Guide


AgileBox is a toolbox for Agile development teams to plan and collaborate on developing tasks. AgileBox makes the entire Agile process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, and productive. It is best to map, refine, and plan the user stories after estimating using ProductGo - Agile User Story Map & Roadmap for Jira.


AgileBox associates with each Jira project, there are two ways to access it:

  1. From the project sidebar

  2. Click on Apps and find AgileBox


AgileBox for Jira is an add-on that enhances the Jira experience for Agile teams. It provides a set of tools to specifically help with planning and managing agile projects. Here's a breakdown of its functionalities:

Planning Poker

This facilitates estimating product backlog items in Jira using Agile Planning Poker techniques. AgileBox includes a user-friendly interface for smooth online poker sessions.


It provides a dedicated tool for conducting productive and insightful Agile retrospective meetings. Teams can use it to collaboratively gather feedback, discuss successes and roadblocks, and develop action plans for improvement.

Daily Stand-ups

AgileBox offers features to automate daily stand-up meetings and keep track of meeting logs for future reference.

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