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Enterprise Social Network

A solution for organization-wide engagement. No more department silos share information across boundaries.

With TeamDecision SNS you can

  • Communicating at scale: Start conversations for questions&answers, share knowledge, inform news, policies, safety, and changes. Engage employees in the goals and vision of the company, inform strategic initiatives and important updates

  • Building communities: Create community groups to connect people of common interests or practices for information sharing and learning

  • Driving ideation and innovation: Fastest way to share new ideas, business models and get feedbacks


Company feed

A public wall for everyone in the company to share ideas, ask questions, reach to management.

  • Post text message, announcements, ideas, questions & answers etc

  • Post polls

  • Post images

  • Post reaction: Like, Comment

  • Notification: only in app notification for now

User profile (Coming soon)

User profile and personal wall to manage basic info, posts, followers/followings etc

Live feed (Coming soon)

Display posts from current user’s network and allow communication on them

Community (Coming soon)

Create and collaborate on communities

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