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About Confluence Team Decision

Team Decision is a Confluence Cloud Plugin enables Confluence users to have discussions and make decisions together in Confluence page. Stop spamming others and yourself with multiple emails or spending hours of meetings when there is something need to decide. 

You can create various types of decision such as proposals, polls, checks, votes, choices and gather responses from your team in Confluence, no need to move to other apps like Doodle.

On this page:

Decision Types

Confluence Team Decision supports following decision types


A proposal is a tool for seeking collective agreement about a statement or course of action.

Proposal is available in Lite version for free


A check is a tool with many possible uses but only 2 responses YES or NO


Use a poll to measure popularity or offer a choice.

Dot Vote

Dot voting is a way to prioritise a list of options.

Score poll

Score polls allow people to express their degree of preference for each option.

Time Poll

Use a time poll to find when people are available to meet.

Ranked choice

Ranked choice is a voting method which allows each voter to respond with their preferences in order.

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