Use a poll to measure popularity or offer a choice. You can place some options and allow voters to choose from, voters can also add their options if it is allowed when creating poll.

Create a Poll

  • From you Confluence page insert "Team Decision Macro"

  • Click Poll and fill-in information

    • Tile:  Summary of the Poll

    • Details: short details of the Poll, it will show up in the Poll box but you can also create more content out side in the Confuence  to support your idea

    • Closing in: number of days to expire the Poll

    • Options: Add options for your poll

    • Multiple choice: Allow voter to choose multiple options or not

    • Allow editing response: If checked voters can edit their response as long as the Poll is still active

    • Allow voter to add more options

  • Insert and Save the page

Work on Poll

  • Click on the option to place your opinion

  • You can edit your response if the author allow that