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Ranked Choice

Ranked choice is a voting method which allows each voter to respond with their preferences in order.

Create a Ranked choice

  • From you Confluence page insert "Team Decision Macro"

  • Click Ranked choice and fill-in information

    • Tile:  Summary of the poll

    • Details: short details of the poll, it will show up in the box but you can also create more content out side in the Confuence  to support your idea

    • Closing in: number of days to expire the poll

    • Options: Add options for your poll

    • Maximum number of options to rank: The maximum options you can vote

    • Allow editing response: If checked voters can edit their response as long as the Poll is still active

    • Allow voter to add more options

  • Insert and Save the page

Work on Score poll

  • Drag and drop option into the rank box in order to rank your options, you can re-order them in the box. You can’t drag more than the max number

  • The number of options you can vote is configured by creator but the result only shows top 3 places.

  • You can edit your response if the author allow that

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