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What is Gantt Milestone?

A Gantt milestone is a significant event in a project's schedule, represented by a marker on a Gantt chart. It signifies the completion of a major task or deliverable and serves as a visual cue of the project's progress.

Milestones are typically tied to specific deadlines and represent crucial points in the project timeline. In the ProScheduler WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Gantt chart, milestones are often depicted as diamonds. They have a standard duration of one day and are placed on the timeline to denote the completion of significant tasks or objectives



A milestone in Gantt's view




A milestone on Scheduler


Create a new milestone

A milestone can be created in the same way you plan a task, just need to mark it as a milestone. A milestone has a duration of 1 day and start date is always equal to the end date.

Convert a task to a milestone



  • Open the menu on the Gantt bar and click Convert to milestone





  • Convert a milestone back to a task by opening menu on the diamond and click Convert to task


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