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Planning Task

Planning Tasks from the Issue Box

The Issue Box contains tasks that you have planned for your project in Jira Board, including the backlog.

To assign and plan a task for a member: Open the Issues Box, apply the basic filter or JQL to locate the issue, then drag and drop it onto the member's calendar.

Planning Tasks from the Issue Box.png

If you want to change the assignee of an existing task, simply drag the task card and drop it onto another member’s calendar.

Tips: You can search by project and planned status to ensure that the project is progressing according to schedule and meeting its objectives

Planning Tasks from the Planning Dialog

A straightforward method to plan a task, without needing to drag an issue from the Issues Box, is to use the Planning Dialog.

Click on a date or select a range of dates on the calendar to open the 'Plan Issue' dialog. Here, you can either plan for an existing issue or create a new issue and add it to the plan.

Planning Task from Jira Issue

Within a Jira issue, you can navigate to the right panel, click 'Open TeamBoard ProScheduler', then click 'Add Plan'.

Choose the date and scheduled hours for this issue, and then click the 'Plan' button. After clicking the 'Plan' button, the issue will automatically appear on the schedule board

Planning Task from Jira Issue.png

Updating plan

Open the Plan dialog from the menu and edit on the dialog

Repetitive plan.png

Adding notes to the plan

This feature allows users to add detailed notes directly to their plans.

This functionality facilitates better documentation and communication within teams, providing a seamless way to include important annotations, reminders, or instructions alongside plan items

Adding notes to the plan.png
  • Users within the resource will have the right to create notes and view notes created by everyone.

  • Users will only have the right to edit or delete their notes

Planning History - Changes Log

Keeps a detailed record of all changes made to the project schedule

Throughout the project, many adjustments are made to task deadlines. The Planning History logs who made each change and when, allowing for easy tracking and analysis of how changes impact the project timeline.

Planning History - Changes Log.gif

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