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All Resource

The “All Resource” provides a detailed view of all available resources in TeamBoard TimePlanner.

Once you created a resource's profile, you would be presented with a range of informative details about resources. These includes Dashboard, Profile, Rate, Capacity, Holiday, Timesheets, Leave, and Report.

If you are a user with the required permissions, you can edit the resources' profile. Note that some fields may require 'Field Data', which is metadata created by an Admin. Look for an "Edit Profile" button.

Rate and Capacity

If you are an Admin, you have additional functionalities. You can 'Rate' the resource and adjust its 'Resource Capacity'.

  • To rate a resource, locate the 'Rate' Tab => “Add New” Button => Fill Rate => Click “Add

  • To adjust a resource's capacity, find the 'Capacity' section. Here, you can input the resource's capacity to take on tasks or projects

Remember to save your changes to ensure that they are reflected on the system.

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