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All Resource

The "All Resources" feature in Teamboard TimePlanner is designed to offer a detailed overview of all available resources within the platform. This section is pivotal for managers and administrators who are tasked with overseeing and optimizing the deployment of workforce resources.

Resource Information

Upon accessing a profile/resource, you are presented with a full-screen view that showcases a wealth of information spanning several categories.

  • Dashboard: A snapshot of the resource's current engagements, availability, and overall contribution to projects.

  • Profile: Detailed personal and professional information, skills, roles, and other critical data that define the resource's capabilities.

If you are a user with the required permissions, edit a profile by clicking on the “Edit Profile” button.

Edit Profile.png

Note that some fields may require 'Field Data', which is metadata created by an Admin. Look for an "Edit Profile" button.

Rate and Capacity

If you are an Admin, you have additional functionalities. You can 'Rate' the resource and adjust its 'Resource Capacity'.

  • Rate: This section enables you to assign rates to resources, reflecting their value or cost per unit of work. To rate a resource, find the 'Rate' Tab > "Add New" Button > Fill Rate > Click "Add"

To rate a resource.png

  • Capacity: This section allows for the adjustment of a resource's capacity to undertake tasks or projects, ensuring optimal workload distribution.

    To adjust a resource's capacity, find the 'Capacity' section. Here, you can input the resource's capacity to take on tasks or projects.

Remember to save your changes to ensure that they are reflected on the system.

Additional Functionalities:

  • Holiday: Displays scheduled breaks, holidays, and non-working days for the resource. As an admin, you can also add more holidays to a resource.

  • Timesheets: Tracks and records the time each resource spends on various tasks and projects.

  • Leave: Manages and monitors leave requests and approvals.

  • Report: Generates comprehensive reports detailing the resource's performance, time allocation, and other metrics.

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