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Client’s Cost Management

1. How to add the Client's cost?

Users given the Billing admin role can add the cost associated with each task at the time of scheduling.

To add costs for clients:

Open Planning detail → Add client's name → Click on Billable button → Seletec Rate Type → Click on Plan button.

✨ Learn more about How to set up Billing Rates here

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 14.44.11.png

2. How to manage the Client's cost reports?

Billing admins also have the privilege to access Cost reports. These reports can be generated over any given date range, providing a flexible view of your financials.

To generate a report, simply:

→ Navigate to the Cost tab (1) → Access to Clients (2) → Select the desired date range (3) for which you want to generate the report → Lastly, you can download these reports as CSV files (4)

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