Users can see details about his/her vacation statuses.

The page has following information:

  • Vacation allocation: Total days were allocated includes in allocation vacation in the current year and accumulated days from last year.

  • Remaining vacation days: Number of the remaining days, users can submit requests on that.

  • Taken days: Number of the taken days, users used.

Users can also make a vacation request. Note: when users create a request, the users cannot make a request with a total number of days greater than the remaining vacation days.

To create a vacation request, go to tab Vacation > My Vacation. Then click on the icon:

The users have to choose a range of times for his/her vacation. Choose vacation type and approver as well.

The vacation requests list:

The users can cancel or edit a request with a status that is pending.

Not only in My Vacation page, users can also create a vacation request from Schedule page