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Timesheet approval

My Timesheets

User can see a list of his/her submitted timesheets and statuses in TimesheetsMy Timesheets

The Timesheet has following statuses

  • Waiting Approval: timelog was submitted

  • Rejected: timelog was rejected by approver

  • Accepted: Timelog was accepted by approver

Timesheet Approval

Timesheets that were sent to the user to approve are listed in TimesheetsTimesheet Approvals

  • Approver can filter the list by time and reporter.

  • Approver can accept/reject or comment on each reported day, to return the record back to the reporter approver can choose to unsubmit it. those action can be done for each record or bulk action for multiple records.

  • When a timesheet gets rejected or unsubmitted the reporter can edit and re-submit again

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