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Workload Management

Workload View

The Workload View in TimePlanner is designed to help you visualize and manage the workloads of your team members. It provides a clear, color-coded overview of each member's scheduled tasks and their relative workload for the day. Here's how to make the most of it:

Turning On Workload View

Clicking the "Workload" button to switch the view from the standard schedule to the Workload View.


Understanding the Workload Indicators

Once activated, the Workload View provides immediate visual feedback on each team member's workload for any given day, using a simple color code and percentage system:

  • Red Indicator OVER-ALLOCATED : If a team member’s tasks exceed 8 hours for the day, their workload will be highlighted in red, with a percentage over 100%. This signals that the member is over-allocated for that day.

  • Blue Indicator LIGHTER WORKLOAD : Tasks planned for less than 8 hours will show in blue, with a percentage below 100%. This indicates a lighter workload for the day.

  • Green Indicator BALANCED WORKLOAD : A perfectly balanced workload, with tasks planned exactly for 8 hours, will be displayed in green, signifying 100% capacity utilization.

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