Field Settings:

Options available for the card admin settings are shown in the below snapshot.

Use Jira Link”, “Map Roadmap Dates with Jira Fields”, “Start Date”, “End Date” & a table showing issue type, start date & end date. At last, there is a “Save” button to get the changes in the admin card settings to be saved.

a. Use Jira Link:

If checked, Story Mapping Board will use the ranking of issues in Jira. This means that it will synchronize with the ranking you sort in Backlog or your Agile board.

b. Map Roadmap Dates with Jira Fields:

By default, the Story Mapping Board uses the issue’s properties to save the Start Date & End Date for the Roadmap feature. After configuring this option, the Roadmap feature will synchronize with Jira’s fields that you map to. Enable the setting then you can select which Jira DateTime fields to map with the roadmap start date and end date, you can confirm if the issue types in the project have those fields in Screen or not. If the fields are not in the issue type Screen please follow this guide to configure.

If you want to migrate from the old Story Mapping Board data to Jira fields, select the “Migrate” button and follow the guide.