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Goal/Epic/Story is shown on the left side of the roadmap.

The goal in the roadmap shows the Goal name, Status. The Issue Type, Issue key will appear If Goal Mapping is enabled.

The epic and story in the road map show Issue Type, Issue key, Issue name, Status, and Assignee.

View details

To view the details of Goals/Epics/Stories/Subtasks, click on their issue keys, the details panels will appear.

Plan tasks

To plan tasks, hover your mouse over the timeline portion on the roadmap to show up the green dot where you want the date to start.

  • Click and drag the mouse on the timeline to the date to end.

  • Then your planned task will appear on the map with its name.

The other way to plan a task is to click on the roadmap timeline, then drag the date on the timeline to the date you want.

Edit plans

Right-click on the planned tasks to access its edit menu. Users can choose the options below:

  1. Planned task color

  2. Clear plan

  3. Clear Start date

  4. Clear Due date

Map roadmap dates with Jira fields

Enable and follow the instructions in the Admin Settings to use this feature.

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