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Personas Hub

Personas Hub is a place where you can manage all personas on your Jira instance, including Global, Project, or Portfolio personas. Access this hub by entering Personas from the App home page.


  • Global personas: Personas made by a user can only be edited/deleted by that person.

  • Project/Portfolio personas: Personas made by a user can be edited by users with permission to that project/portfolio. They can only be deleted by those who made them.

Jira Admin can view/edit/delete any persona in the instance


In this screen, users can browse and choose the created personas to edit.

To bookmark the personas, hover the house on the personas until the bookmark icon appears and click on it.

To sort the persona's view, switch between these options: Latest, Recently, Bookmark, or All personas/Global/Project/Portfolio.

To see personas in the list view, click on the list icon in the top right corner.

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