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Story in a User Story Map

What is a Story?

Stories are the basic building blocks of a map that describe something you can deliver and evaluate. Stories on the Story Map are treated as a Story issue type in Jira.

Stories are created under swimlane mode either under Release or Sprint.

How to create a Story?

To create a Story, go to the portion of the Story Map where the stories are displayed. Hover your mouse over the stories, and click on the + button that appears above or below the other stories.

Then filling the details to create a new story:

  1. Story name

  2. Template for creating a story

  3. Choose the Issue type for the story

Users can change the default issue type for the story by accessing the Admin Settings.

Users also can add the issues from the Issues without epics option from the board menu.

Details that are displayed on the story card at the Story Map are:

  1. Story name

  2. Priority

  3. Story points

  4. Story issue key

  5. Status

  6. Assignee

  7. Child issues (subtask)

Users can also change Priority, Story points, Status, and Assignee by clicking the icons shown on the story card.

Decide which fields to be shown by going to Admin Settings.

How to create a sub-task?

Click on the Child Issue field on the story card to view the subtasks.

Hover your mouse over the subtask, and click on the + button that appears above or below the other subtasks to create a new one.

Click on the up arrow button to collapse the subtasks.

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