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Story Map

The newly loaded page after clicking on the “Story Mapping Board” button from the boards list page should like the below image:

Story map basically comprises of “Goals”, “Steps”, “Stories”, and “Swimlanes”. Steps are referred to as epics.


The actions that users take in order to reach their larger goals have a goal level themselves that’s tied to user behavior.


Steps are the lower levels defined under Goals. create the backbone of the map by telling the story or narrative of the user’s journey. Steps map with Epic in Jira.


These are the basic building blocks of a map that describe something you can deliver and evaluate. Stories on the mapping board are treated as a Story issue type in Jira.


Swimlane splits the story map horizontally to show what is in and out of each release.

In the above picture, swimlane release is displayed.

In the above picture, the swimlane used in Sprint.

In the above picture, all four parts of a story map are displayed.

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