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Columns Management

You can personalize your testing experience to your preferences with:

These features are available on features: Exploratory Test, Test Management.

1. Ascendant & Descendant Sorting

You can arrange your issue keys, summaries, and titles in alphabetical order, both ascending and descending.

2. Reorder Columns

You can reorder columns to fit your projects demand and personal workspace.

3. Columns Personalization

Choose show, hide, or resize columns effortlessly, granting you complete control over your data view.

4. Density

Adjust the display density to match your preference, whether you prefer a spacious or compact layout.

5. Filters

Filter your data to focus on what’s most relevant to your project, making data retrieval more efficient.

6. Fullscreen

Fullscreen feature offers a distraction-free environment, perfect for in-depth analysis.


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