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Manage Test Scripts

Table of contents:

1. Create a new Test script & Folder

The list shows created scripts with overview information and script folders. Click on + Test Script to create a new script, + Folder to create new folder. To create a script inside a folder, click on the folder to get inside and create a script.

2. Delete and export Test Script

You can click on the three dots icon on each row to open the menu which allow delete and export as CSV

3. Drag & drop scripts

You can organize the hierarchy of your test scripts by simply dragging and dropping scripts or folders into a folder, as well as by reordering your test scripts.

This functionality allows you to easily arrange and structure your test script hierarchy according to your desired organization and logical flow. By dragging and dropping scripts or folders into a folder, you can create a nested structure that reflects the relationships and dependencies between different scripts.

4. Issue Details

When choosing to view issue details, you can keep track with test runs details, milestone, test run status with a intuitive user interface.



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