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Project Issue Types Mapping

This page allows project administrators the ability to configure Team-Managed projects with AgileTest.

Unlike Company- Projects, for Team managed projects, project admins have to manually create issue types (or issue type of project) and then map these issue types to AgileTest entities.

New issue types are not required. In fact, you can even just use a Team-Managed project for Requirements (Epics, Stories,Task,…), without creating any kind of new issue types.

1. How to create Issue Types

If you are project admin. You need to go to

(1) project settings

Check if the project issues are integrated with AgileTest yet

Under Projects section, choose specific project → Choose AgileTest section (left side menu panel)

See the AgileTest features present in the project or not (TestScript, TestSession, TestCase, TestPlan, TestExecution)

If the AgileTest not yet present in the project, choose Issue Types Mapping in AgileTest Settings

To configure issue types for this project, need to create issue types manually

  • Option 1: Use the link to project configuration in the pop-up notification

  • Option 2: Select Project Setting (left side menu panel), and select Issue type

2. Create Issue Type

Choose + Add issue type: recommended to create issue types that has the same names as the AgileTest features (TestScript, TestSession, TestCase, TestPlan, TestExecution)

Icon Recommendation: Download the icon file here or via the link on Issue Types Mapping popup

When created all issue types, select Issue Types Mapping in AgileTest (left side menu panel)

Assign each feature to the newly-created issue type


Multiple options can be selected.

Choose Upload a photo option

3. Map Issue Types to AgileTest

The next step is to map the issue types created in the first step . You can do that by accessing the AgileTest Settings → "Issue Types Mapping" settings page and selecting the corresponding issue types:

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