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Test Plans

Test plan is a crucial phase in the software testing process. It involves creating a comprehensive strategy and approach for conducting testing activities. Test planning encompasses the identification of test objectives, the definition of test scope, the allocation of resources, the determination of test techniques and methodologies, and the establishment of a timeline for the testing effort.

1. Test Plan list

In order to manage Test Plans, navigate to Test Management → Test Plans in the left side menu. The page shows all the created test plans general info including associated Jira issue keys, summaries, assignees, test executions, start date and end date

2. Create a new Test Plan

In the Test Plans screen, do the following steps:

  1. Click on + Test Plan button. A Jira issue creation dialog shown up.

  2. Fill in all mandatory and desired information such as Summary, Description, etc.

  3. If you want to create another Test Plan, check to Create another.

  4. Click on Create button

  5. After the new test plan is created, select Test Plan start & end dates

2.1 Edit Start Day and End Day

When creating a Test Plan via Test Case feature, users will not be able to choose a start & end day.

Users can edit it by selecting the specific test plan in the Test Plan section

Then, select the edit button to add test plan start & end day

3. Manage a Test Plan

In order to manage test plan details, and its associated Test Cases and Test Execution, click on Issue Key link to navigate its Test Plan Details

3.1 Add Test Cases to Test Plan

In Test Plan Details screen, you can manage associated Test Cases by adding new or existing ones

Create a New Test Case

  1. In Test Cases tab, click on + Add test case -> New Test Case

  2. Fill in necessary information of in Create issue dialog

  3. Click on Create button

Add from existing Test Cases

  1. In Test Cases tab, click on + Add test case -> Existing Test Cases

  2. In Add test cases dialog, you can search test cases by name, filtering with fields, or using JQL

  3. Select all matching test cases and click on Add selected

3.2 Create Test Execution from Test Cases

From associated Test Cases, you can create a Test Execution

Create with all tests

In case you want to select all test cases associated in a specific test plan

  1. Click on Create test execution → With all tests

  2. Fill in desired information in Create planned Test Execution dialog

  3. Check go to Test Execution, if you want to directly navigate to the newly Test Execution Jira issue

Create with statuses

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